To Winky or Not to Winky

how do you make the decision?

do you read winky faces as flirty or as funny?

does it make that big of a difference? What about the tongue-out face? you know:


or even more so, the WINKY tongue out.


i don’t usually do this one because, well, my actual tongue (as oppsed to my electronic text one) doesn’t stick out. srsly.

Anyway, i winky faced the other day and got, for the first time in my LIFE, a “lets go out for drinks.”

i kid you not, I feel at least 34% more like an adult because now, i’ve been invited out to drinks with someone who wasn’t referencing a sonic run.

So tell me: do you winky face?

(side story, i did accidental winky face a boss once. not my current boss. not that he’s not my boss based on the winky. oh mercy.)


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