Handled version 2.0

Now, I know I’ve written a post like this before, where people are climbing around inside my car door to fix my handle. And like last time, I’m sure this is only a temporary fix, but after the last few months of climbing in my passenger side, turning the car on, rolling down the window, climbing out, going around, and reaching in to open my driver’s side (not that arduous a process, but something that led me to often just leave my window down), I am SO BLESSED to have a driver’s side handle again.

I want you to know that I didn’t even ASK for this to happen.  I mentioned that Dirty, the guy in the pictures, probably wouldn’t like my car because he’s  a mechanic and Bruce is a) a little buggy and b) not exactly “accessible.”

“Too bad you don’t know anyone who can fix that.”
“I mean, i have tons of people who offer, but it just comes off again.”
“Too bad you don’t have anyone who can fix that right.”
“Well when you want to do it?”

Ach! As if I didn’t already know, I have THE best friends.

his bag went with his outfit! "Well, i knew you were coming over, so I decided to match." goof.

I've never seen anyone take a door apart with such speed and precision, "They all come off about the same way."


i made him pose for this one. or, at least asked him to be still.

But of course, documenting wasn’t my only task.

this is what i look like at the EPITOME of chillax

I had THIS to clean out and organize. I got authentic mechanic hands, but I forgot to take an after picture.

And while I did NOT pay as much attention as I meant to, Dirty DID do a really good job of explaining. Complete with “technical terms.”

“The thingamabob goes here with the dealie.”

And praise the Lord, I am literally grateful EVERY time I get into my car. And most times I get out of it! (Because I used to think, “Hmm, can i just leave the window open so I don’t have to climb in the other side next?”)

What really strikes me is that before, when I climbed in the other side, it was HONESTLY not that big of a deal. I was not bothered by it, ever. (God’s grace.) But NOW every time I get in, EVERY time, I take a little moment of silent gratefulness and smiling. It’s funny how God can use ANYthing to remind us of his love.

What’s something God has been using to say he loves you, lately?


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