An Hour of Practice

and I can almost play four chords, without looking, and almost one right after the other.

I’ve tried strumming with my thumb instead of a pick. Then I tried different strumming patterns, partly just-for-fun, partly because i got a little whirly-brained and next thing I knew, I was strumming incorrectly, but “rhythmically.”

and though it is AWFUL, and though you will expect that I’m being histrionic and too hard on myself (and though you’ll find I am, in fact, NOT IN ANY WAY being too hard on myself,)

Here’s a video

I cued it to start where it is least heinous. You can back it up to the beginning if you have ear buds in and want to burst your ear drums.

Hear are some pics. I look better at it than I am. in my jamas. This is actually my new morning routine: bible and guitar.

This day, the day that I took this (because it’s a few days later when i’m writing it, and will be even later when I post) my roommate came out and said, “Oh, you’re playing guitar? (a very generous word for what I was doing) I thought you were playing video games.” (sidenote: video games make me sick. literally, nauseous)

Here, more pics.

im trying to learn to not look at the strings.

i feel like i'm hiding behind my guitar. true true, as something about a guitar just feels safe to me.

Anyway, I say all this and I suppose I sound rather downtrod, but really I’m amazed that I can do any of this. Because before I prayed last year that God would bring me to a place in life where I could learn guitar, I had one for 13 years (age 6-19) and never learned one single chord. I tried, it just never came to me.

But last year I prayed, and asked God somehow, though I didn’t have talent, a teacher, or a template (that was just for alliteration’s sake. I meant guitar), SOMEway could I please play guitar? Just for worship.

And no, i still don’t have “talent,” but I am learning. And Lisa did give me a guitar. And God willing I’ll grow and learn the chorus of this song and be able to switch it up. But for now, I’m content in these four chords and the distance he’s brought me for today.


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