10 Second Rule

The other day a friend walked up to me and gave me the funniest, if not best, compliment I’ve ever received,

“You look AMAZING!! What happened? (small pause) Are you starving yourself?”

She stopped just short of the Big Fat Greek chicken-collarbone-snap

but i knew what she meant.

The summer-slim-down (i will finally admit i’ve probs lost like…a poundandahalf, tops) starts at my collar bone and ends about 12 inches below.

In other words, when I lose weight, I look just a little bit more like a pirate’s dream.

get it? (sunken chest.)

(sunk-in chest. Oh thankyoudaddy for the pun. and the awkwardness)

Anyway the REAL point is that she said “you look amazing, what happened?” meaning “whatever you are doing differently, it looks good!” and then tried to amend with “you look thin.” but instead said “are you starving yourself?”

I stopped breathing, tried really hard to tuck in the corners of my mouth (because i couldn’t hoot my usually obnoxious laugh, there was a meeting going on) and sniggered through my nose as she said,


Apparently, she and her husband are AVID fans of the 10-second rule…for speech. They give each other a few  moments to take back whatever they said.

I think it’s brilliant and graceful, and absolutely necessary for people with 8 (yes, EIGHT) children, so fewer brain cells to dedicate to sentence-forming.

Anywhoozles, this might also be a good time to acknowledge that I am 25 years old and possibly just not getting out of my awkward stage. Because people keep giving me “Oh, you look so put-together” -esque compliments.

this am Officer Scott told me "oh, you look all....pretty today."

Except, JEEBUS,  am i ALWAYS messing with my mouth/hands?!

building up my immune system, y'all.

end even though my self-concept has for years involved sun-crispy skin, water-logged frizz-bomb lagoon monster hair “curls” and a cotton something-or-other thrown haphazardly over a bathing suit, I find this picture is more descriptive of me over the last year.

earbudded in front of my computer. cardi even in the 105 heat, visible tats and that necklace that I ALWAYS have on.

srsly abt that necklace though. Sometimes I think i’ll get a bruise from slapping my neck to make sure it’s on.

oh grad school and becoming a grown person.  learning that the more i learn, the more i learn that I don’t know.

Got any good compliments you need to share? Any accidental slips you wish you could 10-second away?


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