It’s Like the Interweb WANTS Me to Stalk Him

Okay, I’m going to admit this, and feel ZERO shame,

I TOTALLY used to cheat and read Q’s* tweets and blogs. I would search him on facebook and look at his pictures sometimes just to see the face of the one I loved. Sappy? Fo Sho! Ridiculous? Absotively! Stalkerish? We probs over-use that word but yeah, it’s definitely left of the middle when it comes to “healthy” and “best” but let’s put it out there: in your weaker moments, YOU’VE DONE IT TOO.


Well I haven’t. Not in a LONG time. (you know, long for I’ve known you less than two years and we’ve only been fully not attached for 6 months land)

I haven’t look up ANYthing about him since…oh mercy, I dunno, before May for sure, possibly not since January.

But my computer. IT REMEMBERS.

Tried a different brower.

Cleared the history.

Did a little rain dance begging the collective ether of the www to spare me.

Did I lose all my helpful saved passwords? You betcha! Did I have to re-set things up the way I wanted them? Of course I did! Did my dang interweb STOP autopredicting his name/blog/twitter EVERY SINGLE TIME?!

not a chance.

What the H, technology? I got a heart to heal!

CURSES. no thats not me. that computer would eat my computer for a mid-day snack

I also did this for Hoyt when we were in the in-betweensies stages, but given the nature of that break, I had ZERO desire to do so after we broke up (either time).


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