Two Weeks

or why i look less good than I am.

In the next two weeks, I will move to a house in St John neighborhood. I love it. Moving will go well, it’s just going to take some time to get set up, like moving always does, because when I move I DO NOT REST until everything is done.

Also, next week I have finals in Summer School.

And four very large, very hard-to-staff-and-im-running-them events.

And I start my new job (while yes, still at my old one)

And its week 5,6 and finals of karaoke. Which i hope i live through but boy will i be tired.

And honestly if you know me well enough you know none of that would daunt me except people I love are leaving.


More than before. Now Bubba, and Belle, and it looks more and more likely that la familia, who have become my family, who i literally talk to, see more, and am closer to than my biological family, will be heading across the country.


And i see it all and i want to weep. Because i don’t want to lose them. because i fear that my last few moments will be stolen away with business and they’ll be gone and life will move on without them. or without me. and i’ve grown attached. and i understand a million things I’m learning, I understand God does things for a reason and has given me a plan to pursue, so through the hurt I’m chosing joy and zeal in Christ.


But i just want to be honest, and explain that it hurts

its a fight

its a HARD fight

so hard that im forgetting to use apostrophes and using the wrong forms of words (its vs it’s)




But it is not harder than God is good and worthy of praise.


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