First of all, did you know that peacocks are boys (male) and that their beautiful, striking plumage is NOT shared with the female half of the species?

First of all, the lady-birds (not a crack at former first wives ;) are called peaHENS, like that’s a flattering species title, and second, they look like this:

I mean she’s still stately, but momma needs some COLOR! (i tried to type that with a southern accent but it kinda read like cola, or colon, so….no go)


Anywhatsit, since I’ve been avoiding getting back into blogging because I’m not sure I have the perfect eloquence, I decided instead to give you some encouraging little frivolity. Today I start a new thing I’m doing, which is exactly how much detail I’m going to give you about it. But I arrived for it early and decided to do a photoshoot. like i do. cause im awkward and have a webcam.

someday ill learn to do the BACK of my hair, also. today, apparently, is not that day.

I am almost ALWAYS against angles like this. but with my misty-lensed camera, it worked out this time.....(gadget)

and oh yeah, why the peacock tirade?



Also, I started school back up last week. Chances look good that as long as I can survive it, this will be a very fruitful semester. Grades came in for the summer, making my one Spring “b” get my goat even more (cause otherwise I’d have a 4.0. And i’m proud. in the bad way).

What does “get my goat” mean?

Uhm also, that whole “if I survive” thing is totes not me being over-dramatic. I’m in six classes (whatever) and I’m still not quite sure how I’m going to pay my bills. Looking at the sheer volume of work ahead of me has had the odd effect of causing me to get really, really motivated (I know, you’re questioning how this is possible since I’m BLOGGING right now) and hopefully that means I’ll get back on the blogging boat but NO PROMISES.


I love my new house, beeteedubs. And my roommate. And our houseguest! And the little furry rat that my roommate calls a dog and I nonchalantly “agree” about. And then she leaves and I’m in charge of keeping the thing alive and even though all it takes is feeding it and changing it’s diaper (yes. im serious) I’m still like “ITS TOUCH-AND-GO HERE, PEOPLE!” And check every once in a while to make sure the dog didn’t just decide to kill over for no apparent reason on my watch. This is seriously my greatest concern in living with the Dancer, that I will accidentally kill her little fluffy white rat dog.

just one more. for funsies. This one is called “peacock wooing peahen.” oh SWOON.

she looks so underwhelmed


One thought on “(pea)Cocky

  1. Caption to last photo: “Hey babe, don’t be petrified…I just want to look at’cha with what looks like all 100 of my eyes…does this intimidate you?”


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