First of all, let’s talk about how I’m a snob, and how a friend, a well-educated woman with a lot of great things to say, got a blog running on which rates/reveiws books. Well I THINK she does that. Truth be told i don’t know because the first time I went to her site and she said “I am a book lover,” I thought in response “you didn’t say bibliophile so I don’t believe you.”


Anyway, despite my continuous intake of “literature” (remind to tell you about CCCRs one day) I’m not a book lover. And if I were, I wouldn’t say it like that. Because I like precision in diction (unless for a stylized effect – i.e. this blog) and because I’m a snob.

There. I said it. Do you  like me less now? If so I’ve got another confession: that’s nowhere near the worst thing about me.

Okay, so those of you who are sticking around even though I’m a vocab snob and that’s not even the worst thing about me, I’ve got this only-semi-interesting update (i dont know why im so self-depricating right now. blame it on flourescent lights and a long to-do list).

Like I’ve said before, I’m in school. I’m studying to become a liscenced professional counselor and I know you (and the rest of the world) think a master’s is a quickie 1.5-2yr endeavor but I’m 25 now and if I’m lucky and hard working enough, it’s POSSIBLE that I’ll be a full LPC by the time I’m 30. If there are no distractions. (and I’m the kind of girl who’s more than welcome right kind of distractions. by which of course i mean spontaneous trips around the globe)

AAAAaaaand, you know what Grad school requires (at least a successful foray into grad school)? READING

This semester, I have just nine books for my TXSTATE classes (I’m table leading at another class through church).

And so far, in week two of class, I haven’t bought any.


i'm a professsional and i like lolcats.

Because I do HAVE all of the books. I just haven’t BOUGHT them. Are you ready for this?

I RENTED a book, the kindle version for that matter (not my magnum opus in literary intake and not something i strongly reccomend, but if I buckle down I CAN read it, and I can read it on kindle cloud, or my phone, on the kindle app. The drawback being you can’t touch and flip, the pluses being it’s an instant delivery and there are some pretty cool search features. And it’s not heavy.)

The rest of the books I got from the Austin Public Library and the Texas State library and I have not paid one penny for them (although I did have to drive downtown to pick a few up).

THIS is what you get when you image search "library folk"

So while last Spring I paid upwards of $250 for books, this semester I paid $28.


i know, i told you, RIVETING. if you can keep ahold of your seats, I might talk to you later about existential angst and how reading about it until 1 am gives me nightmares about anxiety about how I don’t have death anxiety.


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