Squeezie Cuteness Continues

::a story from a month ago, when I was on vacation but didn’t want to tell the whole interweb that no one was at my house (not that it matters cause WE HAVE A GAURD RAT DOG AND AN ALARM SYSTEM)::


Squeezie sees that I’m Drinking out of a Disneyworld mug.

if there were still a food pyramid (thx first lady) coffee would sub for grain, in my nutritional understanding.

“Tia! Do you know where we’re goin’?”

(I do, but she likes to talk, so) “Where are you going, doll?”

“We’re a-going to uhm, to uhn, DINSENEY WOI-YOLD!”

"iwannatakepitchur withuhm, youra computer."

“Are you, baby?”

“YES! Do you love it?”

“I DO love it.”

these faces have nothing to do with the story BUT SHE'S SO CUTE (actually i look totally creepy but whatevs, tias gotta do what tias gotta do)

“Will you come with us?”

“Well, i can’t this time, maybe another time.”

“Why you can’t this time?”

“Lots of reasons, really. There isn’t room for me in the hotel, I didn’t plan on it, and there would be an uneven amount of people for the rides. I’d need to bring a friend. ”

“WHICH friend?!”

“Do you have one in mind you’d like me to take?”

“Well, I have a LOT of stuffed animals in my room!!”

::and, scene::


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