Clearance Coffee Thing

At IKEA the other day, there was this green travel coffee canteen thing. I bet it would be REALLY easy to look up the real name for what I’m describing, but I’m not going to. Because I want a nap (unrelated, actually).

Anyway, the thing was regularly 6.99 but it was on sale for 3.99. Pssshhhaw, no way. That’s not sale enough for me. A week later (don’t explore why I go to ikea so much. It is literally 1 mile from my school and I pass it 6 times a week so a weekly stop is NOT that big-a-deal.) though, it was only 1.99. This I can do. Since I didn’t plan on coming back soon, I decided to not wait it out and see if it got any cheaper. I mean for 2 dollars, I could just as well turn it into a vase and it would still be a good purchase. (by the way, how do YOU say that word? Vase. Like “face” with a v in stead of an f, or like “paws” with a v instead of a p?)

Anyway, I used the thing for the first time today because well, with one roommate moving to Turkey tomorrow and the other leaving for philadelphia, the house is a bit upheaved, and it was the first thing I could grab and pour coffee into before I got washed away in the waves of “Oh my gosh, I’m going to be left alone with the rat dog for 4 days!”

So here’s my point (are you ready?):

It is WONDERFUL! The canteen tumbler mug THERMOS (i broke down and googled) is great! It kept my coffee super warm the whole time I was working (four hours) and I think having to portion it out into the little lid made me drink more slowly. Plus I felt dainty and cute. So I photo-shot the mofo. LIKE.I.DO.

bracelet made by the dancer (who also made my headband- which you can't really see and she doesn't know i took from her room this AM. HIIII Lisa. ;)

it feels so cute and little! (that's JUST the top)

admittedly, the body of the container could be much cuter....

wanna know why my eyes are closed? cause the thermos kept the coffee so hot that the steam almost burned them!

and this last one, at a safer distance so i can open my eyes, so you can see the dancer's headband making handiwork, and so you can wonder if I have a REALLY deformed cheekbone. (so what if i do, huh?)



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