It’s RUDE to Say That He Ticks



Not just a funny way to point out that a man named herman sometimes shivers, but a fancy-long word for…for a lot of things, actually. Click on the link above if you want the full spectrum.

get it? (pee-wee) Herman has a tic!

Today, I am grateful for hermeneutics. I’m grateful there are Bibles that I can read. There are so many blessings encompassed in that small acknowledgement.

another Herman. this one has a fancy-pants beard so though he's unrelated, googleimagesearch gave him to me and so I pass on the wealth.

For instance: I can read. This is no small feat. It means that know a language that can be written (not all cultures even HAVE a written, but only have an oral, language) and I was afforded the benefit of an education that allowed me to learn how to read and write that language. I didn’t have to spend my childhood toting water or selling myself for food, I got to go to school, then university, and now grad school, where all of things, I learned how to learn. Have you ever stopped to be grateful that you learned how to learn? I gotta confess, it occurs to me far too infrequently.

srsly. what is google thinking? reminds me of when dumbo got drunk

Plus afewhundred years ago, this dude made it way more possible to get books. And one of  books he produced was a Bible. So time passed and as it happened, lots of Bibles were produced, even in my language, and now they are so many that I actually own three, in three different translations, and one has study notes and maps to help it all make more sense!

probs the only "relevant" image I found

What I’m saying is, for a LOT of history, people have been working. The Bible didn’t just appear canonized, neatly sub-divided, with notes in the margins and a glossary in the back. Did you know that a Bible glossary has it’s own word? It does: Concordance. (Incidentally, I l.o.v.e. concordances. And is one of my fave websites. Nerdalert. Whatevsies.) People had to pour time and energy and love into making that happen. And because God used them to do that, I get to spend my days cracking open the Word of God, taking it in, studying it, looking up cross references and “original meanings.”

When books stump me, or I just dont have them accessible, I can read the Bible online. Heck, I can have the Bible read TO ME online (hellloooooo the free resources of Sign up for a free account and use.that.sucker) and with the click of a button, I can have a wealth of information at my eyeball-tips. (that sounds weird but I’m not touching it, I’m reading it. also i just gots to say. check. it. out.SUCH a helpful tool!)

But most of all, I’m grateful for the heart that God put in me, an alive, fleshy heart capable of loving Him and DESIRING to read and understand and (yes, even) love the Bible.

Anyway, the word of the day is hermeneutics. And the moral of the story is I’m grateful for it.


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