T Lee is my cup of Tea

Six years ago, in the Atlanta airport, then in a giant tent in the middle of the Georgia clay, and then for 2 moths in various orphanages in India, I got to spend time with on of the world’s classiest young women, Teri Lee (now) Castillo. She was not a Castillo then. In fact we may both have even been teenagers then (T.L. you were never a goose, but I was) silly geese learning how to navigate the world.

See that sweet girl? That's T.Lee being classically friendly and sweet and that guy next to her? That's me "rock"ing the rough-around-the-edges, effortly androginous, sure to embarass me in 6 years "deuce."

Teri Lee has, in her certain southern charm, said many things that I pretty commonly quote. She was the first to introduce to me the idea that there is NO harm so great that God cannot instantly heal it. She also wrote “be joyful always.” on EVERYthing she got her hands on. I kid you not, for reasons I will not currently explain, I still have a ruler from our time in India together. The end has since broken and I can only “accurately” measure things that are shorter than 9 inches, but I keep the thing, because every time I use it, I think of her.

An absolutely beautiful time in my life, in India with absolutley beautiful souls.

She doesn’t know I’m writing this post. But she’ll tell me when she reads it. I’m sure it’ll be on her phone and she lean over to tap her husband and say, “Oh sweet cuteness, Stephen! Look what Ritz wrote!” I’ve never met Stephen but I know she shares everything with him so, “Hi, Stephen. Good job at setting a really, really hi and holy bar for how a husband should love a wife.”

Anyway, I say all of this because T.Lee also happens to be one of my very favorite writers. And if you like to read blogs, I’d like to pass her loveliness on to you.


Here, you can read one of her “Letters to Carter,” which she and her husband pen every-so-often and I feel quite certain can make you smile, even though you’ve never met them. And yes, she and her husband (and for all common knowledge, probably her parents as well) are fanastic photographers and ther are no sub par photos on her blog. So be prepared for that. She’s not one of those “iphone photo” moms, if only because she survives on her ancient blackberry – which may occassionally double as a teething toy for baby boy Castillo.


Here is one of her weekly Memorization Monday posts because did I mention that she’s also one of the sharpest, most Godly women I’ve ever met? Even though she’s 6 months younger than I, I have looked up to her wisdom, knowledge, and maturity since day one. She continues to be an inspiration in the daily hunger for and application of God’s Word.

And that’s all I have for you today. Go enjoy some southern comfort via the joyful, appreciative, gentle musings of one of my very favorite mamas.

If anyone else from the team reads this, leave a message for the nostalgies.

I love you, Teri Lee


5 thoughts on “T Lee is my cup of Tea

  1. Oh sweet Ritz :) You, of course, made my day. A few things you should know:
    (a) Those pictures reminded me of such a special time in our lives…and how ridiculous I looked just 6 short years ago.
    (b) I just told someone the story about how you just told me that you wanted us to be friends…around 7 in the morning…waiting in line to go to the squatty potty. I used the story as a weird segue to tell them how I wanted to intentionally be friends with them. Your transparency and forthrightness inspires me. Not kidding.
    (c) I’m so glad blogging has made a two month experience a true friendship. :)
    (d) Steven says hi. And that he should probably meet you someday.

    I love you too sweet friend.

  2. maritza…miss ritz! i wish my memory didn’t fade so quickly, because trying to remember 2 months in india 6 years ago gets harder and harder. it’s so sweet that you wrote this post, and it helps refresh my memory. you are good women, both of you. whatever happened to continuing those reunions? if anybody’s ever in new york, come see ME! i just moved here. :) i’m studying human rights at columbia focusing on india, so maybe we can just meet up in india again one day (cause i’ll be there eventually!)

    i love you girls. you are special people to me, always.

    • traveling is unfortunately nowhere in my current budget, but it’s going to become a much higher priority once i get paid… so in 5 more years. :) (si dios quiere!!) So are you getting your doctorate?!

      and t lee, you bet your bottom i expect to meet Stephen some day! I FULLY expect to have to come visit you at some point. how far are you from West Tennessee? I go there abt twice a year to see my daddy.

  3. Jana, are you ever in FL for the holidays? I would love to see you this Christmas/Thanksgiving if we are there at the same time. I’d love to hear about what you’re doing and studying. Ritz, we’re about 5 hrs from Nashville…I have no idea how far that would be from you. Or if it would ever be on the way (remotely). Also, I feel like I really just need to come to TX one day. One of my college roommates studies at TCU and you’re semi-close…wouldn’t that be fun? :)

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