im pretending my birthday is next month

but really it’s tomorrow.

tomorrow I “turn” 26 years old. and i love it. im totes okay with my age.

no. im not “totes okay,” I think I’m happier to be (almost) 26 than i’ve ever been to be any age. I think because, like I’ve always heard, your early twenties are when you make a bunch of stupid mistakes and your mid-late twenties (or thirties) are when you’re smart enough to not make those mistakes, and you’re old enough to have the means to do the stuff you really want to.  (Which I totally see in my undergrad vs grad school experiences.) Plus, I feel like by God’s grace I’m just honing the skill of really enjoying whatever I do. Not constantly striving. Not looking for the next thing. Enjoying each thing I have when I have it. So I’m really enjoying being who I am, when I am. I’m learning to enjoy myself.

that's me. enjoying myself. see that face? there's joy on it ;)

That being said, in my determination to stay ahead of the game in school so that I can enjoy it and my life (and not be stressed because of procrastination), I got mixed up and accidentally did seven weeks worth of school work in three weeks of time. My bad, y’all. And to be clear, i did NOT procrastinate, I just got really, really ahead.


So anyway, I am wiped, and clearly I didn’t spend  time planning for my birthday because I was busy writing 7 papers, a case conceptualization, six class reflections and a project so taxing that I LITERALLY bled on it. (yes. blood. blood. not funny!) and reading 9 books. Yes. In three weeks. HEY HEY LOOK OVER HERE, PAY ATTENTION: I AM NOOOOOOT complaining! I have truly enjoyed every moment. I’m a nerd through.and. through. I love learning. But the point I am making is:

I FORGOT TO THINK WHAT I WANTED FOR MY BIRTHDAY. So let’s just do a little pretendsies, oh-kay? And I’ll have a party next month. It’ll be so fun. You should come.

i'll explain this later. it's the project i bled for.



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