Grumpy Young Men (Bubby, Bonnercup, etc)

::I know you’re thinking: homegirl tweeted all this stuff about her birfday, so of course she’s going to write about it. And you’re right. But not right now ’cause i don’t have time, so I’m posting something from ye ole “drafts” folder. Enjoy::


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I like grumpy people*.

Now, by grumpy, I DO NOT mean MEAN. I mean grumpy. Like Marlin, aka “mr. grumpy gills,” on Finding Nemo.

im always the dori to their marlin

I think this started back when I was a kid and I thought my dad was always in a bad mood. He wasn’t. But his face is a little differently shaped than it once was due to some health issues he had when i was a child, and between than and his  ginormo-beard, he tends to look like he is always frowning. Plus he is NOT exciteable. Literally I have NEVER seen him get excited about anything. I could use a lot more of his even-keel in my life.  But anyway, i love my daddy, and though he does it  less now, he went through a good 20 years of both of our lives being….pretty grumpy.

you thought i was exaggerating, didn't you. no. i am not. that's his "happy" face

Bubby, my bubs, my brother, has been an ornery little goat since he was 2. There are stories, people, there are stories. I won’t tell them now because he is LITERALLY my favorite human being on the planet and i’ll get all wrapped up in the nostalgies, but trust me , his grump has been here almost as long as he has. If I have a pocket full of sunshine, he has a pocket full of “SHUT YOUR PIE-HOLE I’M TRYING TO BE AMBIVALENT ABOUT LIFE OVER HERE.”


So if you take the fact that my dear-country-daddy and my bubby-who-i-love are GRUMPERS GALORE, it makes sense why people who brood don’t scare me off. If you knew either of my last two great-friends-turned-boyfriends, you’re currently thinking “Ohhhhh…this makes so much sense.” Because, I don’t get deterred by grumpers. In fact, in a non-romantic and non-sexual way, they attract me. I see them and think, “Hey mr. permanent wrinkles on your forehead from thinking too much, let’s go play!”

Cause the thing I’ve noticed about grumpy people is:

they kinda like being grumpy.

they won’t always admit it. but it’s true. in fact i have one friend whose who goal in getting older is to be  “Old Man Last Name,” the one known around the neighborhood for being a codger.

The other thing I’ve noticed about grumpy people:

they’re pretty good about letting you love them.

Unlike other relationships, where if you want to love, you first need to explain why, grumpers are pretty good at going with the flow. Cause if they don’t like they flow, well guess what, they don’t really care, they don’t really like anything! Plus, for me personally, it’s fun getting to flit about like a humming bird with a sugar high around them cause they just don’ And that means they don’t ever  get frustrated with my energy level. (at least not out loud ;)

Anyway all this to say, one of my favesies grumpers, Bonnercup (who says he only “sometimes” reads my blog but i’m pretty sure subscribes to it) was in Austin this weekend with apparently nothing better to do, so he came and was my protector downtown. (Another great thing about grumpers, they’re SUPER good at protecting, since they’re never caught up in all that “socializing” i tend to do).  We ended up having fun, not fighting one single time (a record) and surprise of all surprises, i caught him, ON CAMERA, smiling. Twice!

exhibit a

exhibit dos. about which he said "i look like I'm having a stroke." well...not.mah.fault!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m sure I’m about to get in trouble from one of the aforementioned grumpers. ;) Cause I’m an instigator. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.


*By “people” I really mean men. Cause I don’t actually know any grumpy women. I know women who struggle with meanness or bitterness, but not who can pull of the affect of grumpy. Plus MOST of the women I know are suuuunshiney. :)


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