The Monkey Hat

“I’m writing a birthday wish list.”

“I hope ‘monkey hat’ is on it, since that’s what I got you.”

Okay, maybe I should back up. A few months ago, Jess-and-Hank (who, after years of being together, are so in love that no, I cannot really just reference one of them) had their baby. Kalen James, whose arival I claim since Jess went into labor while at Jamba Juice visiting me. I told her it was real labor and she insisted it was braxton-hicks, so I did some mojo (wiggled my fingers at her and said, “Kalen, come out! Tia wants to meet you!”) and lo and behold, 12 hours later, we had a new love of my life.

Later that week, Mrs Z (the third component of the Jess-Ritz-Z chord of three strands, and yes we DO all three have matching tattoos) came to town so we could all simultaneously ooh, aah, and melt over the babe. AND because she is classy, Mrs Z came with a gift in tow. A monkey hat!

Yes, Kalen James is a monkey. And I, his 25-year-old tia said, “Ohemgee, Mrs Z, I want one of those!”


::knowing I maybe should be ashamed for admitting this:: “YES!”

“Okay. Brown?”

“Can it be pink?”


And HERE is what I got, amonthandahalf early, for my birthday.

i LOVE this hat! and yes, it does truly help keep me warm (cause SOME people like it cold in their house. like in the 70s)

She didn’t have a pattern and just guessed at the size (lucky me she knows I have a huge head and huge hair to match) and added the little flower of her own accord. Which I think really sweetens the whole look.

the flower is a deep eggplant color, the edging (which kind of blends into my hair, here) is brown. the colors go SO well together

And of course, I could resist doing a little photo shoot with such a great accessory. So the following are just-for-fun

im starting to feel a bit lost without my glasses

my mother's tags this look "nobody pouts better than Martiza." don't worry, i use my powers for good.

The REAL news here, though, is that Kerri (Mrs Z’s first name) is making a LOT of these little cuties now. She LOVES to just sit down and wip them out. And because she’s not all that interested in money, and is quite kind, when she priced them, she did so at


the cost of comparable items on etsy. Seriously, kid hats are only $15 AND ADULT HATS ONLY $20!! I figure if you want one you PROBABLY want a kid one, but I thought to list both prices anyway.

She uses great yarn (super soft, very pretty, keeps it’s shape, and keeps heads warm) and can make these in all kinds of patterns. See below.

So, no, this is not a sponsored post, but yes, I did want to take a chance to brag on my friend. If you’d like to get in touch with her, you can contact her at kerri(dot)zinsmeyer(at)gmail(dot)com.

She’s amazing.


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