Last night….

In an effort to snack while cooking dinner (don’t ask why i wouldn’t just wait for dinner. a goal of mine is to learn to feed myself before 2012. clearly im not there yet) i’m pretty sure i gave myself salmonella.

for a human being of average intelligence, i sure do make some stinkers of decisions.

BUT these personal mistakes help people out when i counsel. for srsly. (just saw it happen).

in other news: thx, every ex boyfriend who set up strict boundaries, even though i was a total jerkbrat and fought you every step of the way.

In OTHER other news, I stopped by HEB at 10:30 last night. It became quickly quite clear that this was the official HEB time of college aged male persons. About seven thousand college “dudes” (all totally dudetastic, many congregating around condiments arguing over the best chocolate mix to put in their muscle milk) one lovely older lady with a fanny pack, and me. But I was in work out clothes (I had, in fact, worked out) so I was under-cover and you could only mostly tell that I was completely out of my home demographic.

Then standing in line, a giant behind me said pardon me. I mean, he must have been a giant, based on the fact that the timbre of his voice pretty much caused an earthquake despite that his volume barely reached me. Le sigh, though. It wasn’t anything as exciting as a giant, just a regular sized person with a voice even deeper than daddy’s, normal in most ways other than a)his earth-shaking range and b)his skinny slacks. Yeah you read that right. Slacks. with a skinny cut. Not that I’m some totally materialistic/shallow jerk in line to buy my larabars and two bags of apples (i was on an errand for someone else, TYVM) evaluating those around me…

ohwait…Yes I am.



p.s. i didn’t end up getting salmonella.


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