thing im thinkin: missing/loved

::let me please start by saying that in effort to attach one of my favorite songs to this post, i ended up asking one of my favorite artists what the title was via twitter (because the google couldn’t find it!). She was so gracious and answered me! Except turns out it’s not her song. It’s a song by her husband’s band, sung by someone else. Go ahead, laugh at how I just made a fool of myself on the interweb. Ya done? Okay, now switch gears from “laughing at” to “thinking with” me. (Also, I’m sorry again, Sandra.)::

Fact: almost every single google image search result from “miss you/ love you” is awful. That being said:

just because i don’t miss something doesn’t mean i didn’t love it.

and just because I DO miss it doesn’t mean i DID love it.

what you want is not always what you love.

and sometimes you can let go and feel good about it. in fact i’m finding that the more i loved it, (really loved it) the better i am able to say good bye.

a good, stout love, once ended, propels me forward into falling in love again.

and for the record, I’m actually talking about professions at the moment. But I think the concept extends out to multiple realms.

Also, go look up (and heck, buy) “Miss You” from Caedmon’s Call’s “Raising the Dead” album. I’m not sure what it means, I was clearly confused about who sang it, but it’s still beautiful.


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