I Forgot I Wished

Back in August, I made a wishlist for my birthday because I knew people were going to ask me what I wanted. I didn’t add “cute monkey hat” to the list because I’d already gotten one (thanks Mrs Z!) that very night, so the rest went like this:

Electric Drill (I didn’t specify, but the exact one I wanted was a cordless dewalt 18 volt)

Amazon gift cards for my growing kindle obsession. (Since this summer I’ve literally read at least 20 books. Don’t judge me.)

New Shoes! (I knew I was going to need big girl shoes for my big girl job. Turns out they don’t let you counsel barefoot)

Guitar Strap

RX Sunglasses

New Jeans

Then as I got settled into the house I realized I also wanted 3M hooks (they are expensive little devils), canvases (i painted something for a project and remembered the magic of a blank canvas) and some fun fabric to make reuseable snack bags. (which, of course la familia got for me!)

And this, ladeez and gents, is how it went down:

I had to get new jeans for choir because my old ones ripped right up the crotch and when you repair jeans, there is always a strange stiffness at the repair site. You know where you don’t want a strange stiffness? EX.ACT.LY.  So I went to The Goodwill (classy) and got two new pair cause I’m a big spender. One pair of Banana Republic widelegs, one pair of Levi’s who-knows-what-fit, $18 (total) and the re-emergence of my bottom (i haven’t had “fitted” jeans since….2007?) later and boomtown, birthday wish accomplished (Thanks, choir, for making me wear jeans. I would N.E.V.E.R. have just up and bought them cause I wanted them.)

The Rx sunglasses I have yet to order because I cannot remember to bring my rx anywhere that I have interweb (still not hooked up at my home – which is great cause it will make us SO happy when it is there!). But I went to zennioptical.com and picked out the frames and lenses I want and it looks like it will be a grand total of $20, with shipping, to get those bad boys on my face! I know , I didn’t really “get” them for my birthday, but I did pull some last-minute babysitting together (I’m not really babysitting anymore but…I wanted birthday monies! And it was an emergency so I was helping out the families too!) so now I feel confident buying them and not like I’m frivolously spending grocery money.

The Guitar strap hasn’t happened. You wanna get it for me? I want this one. 

Buuuuuuuut, it’s $150 so don’t buy it. The artist deserves that much but…yo, most of the peeps I know spend their “expendable” income on charity so $150 for a guitar strap is…. well, out of the league of reasonable. However is someone has a vintage leather hand-tooled leather strap with roses, etc, that’s just lying around I will take that baby off yo hands!

Ahem. New shoes: HOLY MOTHER (i mean, father) I got some new shoes. I’d been wanting Kardashian heels for a while now (which shows me that times-are-a-changin’ cause there was a distinct period where I only wore flip flops- if i was forced to wear shoes at all. I even went barefoot to class. Whatever. You wish you were this unaware of your ridiculosity.) but, as you may see the pattern I DONT JUST GO OFF AND GET THINGS CAUSE I WANT THEM. It’s actually a strength and keeps me out of debt. So boo-yah.  But I kid you not, EVERY pair of shoes I had either a)was a pair of cheap ugly flip fops, b)BROKE or C) gave me blisters. And side – I have feet tattoos. HOMIE DON’T PLAY when it comes to scars on my feet cause I don’t want things distracting from my art. And yes, my tattoos are art. I designed them and got them ON PURPOSE FOR  A REASON and scars JACK with that aesthetic. Okay. Talons put away, moving on. So, I looked quite a fright or felt quite a fright, depending on which  feet coverings I chose. UNTIL I stopped by Ross and found THREE pairs of perfecto heels, for a total of $56. Then I texted my daddy since at the funeral last month he asked me what I wanted….and that will turn into its own post but long story short, I gots me new birfday/big girl shoes. And now I’m like 6 feet tall. Fear my height. Fear the cute-a-boo leopard print heels that got me there. But don’t hate me cause I’m trendy. (I’m Olsen pouting right now. oh.the.trend)

one of the three pairs of le shoes

The gift cards didn’t happen, but I did 1)discover the ILLIAD feature at the library, 2)download a bunch of free nonsense on my kindle and 3)start school so there is less reading for pleasure going on. Like maybe 10% less.  (addict? maybe. joking! kinda….)

and BOOM DIGGIDY I got the exact drill I wanted except (wait for it) It even came with the charger and TWO batteries!! THANKS MAMA!!! (Yes. My mother got me a pair of blingy earrings and a cordless drill. PERFECTION!)


did you know that earrings are like, UBER hard to to photograph?

Anyway, since some silly geese asked (aka since I’m SOOOOOOO loved!) Here is some other stuff you may get me and be assured that I actually want:

  • new mascara. the kind that doesn’t have a plastic brush. cause that crap hurts and i don’t want pretty eyes that bad
  • felt tip pens. can never get enough. (papermate flair, to be exact)
  • marshalls/ross/amazon or HEB giftcards
And that is REACHING because honestly, there’s just not much I want that I don’t have. I am a SPOILED SPOILED goose and I have so much, I am so blessed, that I really have to wrack my brain for anything else I could possibly desire.
so uh….yeah….the moral of the story is I)thank you II)God shows me he loves me in amazing ways, and one of them is by the gifts he orchestrates that I get and III)I feel like an idiot for saying “you can get me this” but like I said…some ppl asked.

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