My Future may or may not be sunshiney…

But my right now is so bright, I have to wear shades. (wah, wah, I’m so punny).


And since my eyeballs are wonky, i have to wear Rx ones.

Enter where it takes a few weeks, but you can get Rx sunglasses and an extra pair of regular glasses for a grand total of $28. With Shipping. From Hong Kong. Go check em out peeps.

And check me out too:

channeling sarah connor

Also, 50 extra points to anyone who knows which Jim Henson creature i remind myself of in this pic. (No, if it was as obvious as “Animal,” it wouldn’t be worth so many points.)


Oh yeah, and as part of project “learn how to enjoy the fall season” i went to a pumpkin patch. It was “eh” at best but I loved getting seester time, despite missing the Lace face.

this is actually the BEST pic i took while there. let's call it "artsy"


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