We Need All Three

There are some people who, if you look them in the eyeballs and say you’re going to pass out, will watch you, confusedly, as  your eyes roll up and fall over, hitting your head on the cold pavement.

looks painful.

There are some who will say “wha…?” but in reflex will catch you when you start to slump, then get you somewhere soft and cover you up to make sure you’re comfy till you get better.

a sweet question, but not one we can wisely ask of all people

And there are some who will wrap you up as you speak, and just before you drift into the waiting dark clutches of restless sleep, will whisper in your ear as they cradle your head, “I’ll be here when you wake up.”

And as a feeler and a healer, I have a clear preference. But circumstances being what they are, namely: lessons, I think we actually NEED all three in our lives. And we need to know who they are. I know who my smack-my-head-on-the-ground responders are and they don’t get my whole heart, but they’re fun to hang with. I know who my “i won’t understand, but I’ll catch you and cover you” people are. And sometimes “i dont understand but i love you anyway.” is just what I need to get to the next step, which I need to walk alone.

And while i know, I never really lean on my “I’ll hold you till you’re better,” people are. But just knowing they exist gets me through a lot.


Each one points me toward Jesus. The first by showing me that I have one constant line of defense and it is NOT of man. The second by showing me that He’ll not abandon me, and that while some things are meant to be gotten over, some are meant to be gotten through. And the last show me a glimmer, the slightest dim reflection, of the Love that waits for me, longing to bring me home to Him.


Which one are you? And when? And with whom? Which one do you need right now and do you know who they are? And most of all, do you know that even if you can’t identify these persons in your life, you can always turn to Jesus? (and He won’t be surprised or mad or burdened at all. His children are already in God’s shelter, even if they haven’t yet turned to Him in acknowledgement of that truth.)


all images via google image search – my go-to image provider

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