Affirmation Station

There was once a time when I counted it the biggest compliment I’d ever received that a man compared me to a painting in a museum. (Although he had big competition with the Aussie who told me, “I hope you don’t think this is too forward, but you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” But even though his accent was persuasive, it also indicated that maybe he’s used that same line a million times over halfway across the world, and all of this is beside the point anyway.)

this was not his exact line. his was much more poetic and not from a song. (of which I am aware)

In the not-so-distant past, it was REALLY important to me that people think I was pretty. I still bear some parts of this but mostly I get that

a) i’m going to be as good looking as I’m going to be and there’s not really much I can do about it, since that kind of thing is mostly subjective

b) i like wearing what I like more than I like other people liking what I’m wearing

c) most importantly, my worth and value are secured in Christ and cannot be shaken so

d) it’s more in tune with positive mental health to have fun with style than to worry about what I look like.

I have NEVER read and AM NOT advocating this book - it's just a "related" image

So, compliments on my looks are still nice and I appreciate them, but they don’t have near the value they used to.

I noticed last night that I have a brand new kind of favorite compliment. It started a few months ago when I was having a rough go of a certain situation, and my friend the Angel said, “Well, I’m sorry that’s happening, but…I’m pretty sure based on your reaction to this and other situations that you’re for real a Christian.”

Which I HAVE CLUNG TO FOR DEAR LIFE THROUGH SOME UPS AND DOWNS, here, lately. I mean, when in doubt, counsel yourself that you probably DO suck, you are, in fact, a sinner, and you did probably mess up even more than you thought you did. But God, in his infinite wisdom, chose and redeemed you and no one can take that away. I am loved by Jesus. That’s the very best thing a person can say about me. And that they can TELL I’m His, that his mark is on my life, is about infinitely more valuable than them being able to tell I’ve been doing squats lately (which is a lie. I haven’t).

Then last night, while helping me work on some assessment work for class, a couple I know asked about my classes just before sending me home. The wife said, “I’m so glad you’re in school for this, you’re going to be a wonderful counselor.” And truth be told, that really makes a lot of difference to me. I like hearing that God’s call on my life is being affirmed by people who take this stuff seriously. I opened my mouth to thank her but before I could, her husband chimed in, “and a good mom.”

it was SO hard to find an image for "good counselor"! So i picked this solely because they are cute. Also this would NOT be a counselor and client CAUSE THAT WOULD BE UNETHICAL. Moving on.

Oh wow. A good counselor and a good mom. Two things I want to be more than just about  anything. (To be honest right now my priorities/hopes in being are 1)Christian 2)Counselor 3)Wife someday 4)Mom someday).

It's funny, y'all. It is funny. (And a LOT of the other google images for "good mom" involved stripper poles. I kid you not. And my filter is set on "high" security!)

What are the compliments that really mean a lot to you? What does that mean for you, for who and what you want to be? Are there any things that you never need affirming in? (If you have an answer to that last question – LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us all how you got there :)


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