You Know It’s Real When

I “had” to go get a massage today. Which, another day in another post I’ll have to tell you about my friend Kristen and how for cheaper than anywhere else, she gives THE MOST AMAZING massages (and i am picky-picky!).

But today is not about my massage,

it’s about how the person who gives me a massage said “You look great! Have you lost weight?”

And I tried to do the thing I usually do “oh, maybe i’m just tan or …. I don’t know maybe it’s this outfit.”


Except let’s be real people. She’s my massage therapist. Which means that most of the time when she sees me:

I’m nekkid. 


So if I’ve lost or gained weight in such a manner that it’s truly noticeable on my frame, she’ll be the one to know.


I haven’t noticed in my clothes and I don’t feel or look any smaller to myself, but the only other person who sees that much of me that often (not that anyone else does, i mean, I do have a roommate…) thinks maybe I have.


And when you’re naked,

it’s real. ;)


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