Go to bed Happy

Okay pplfriends, here’s what I’m kicking around today:

Two nights ago, the last human contact I had was with someone who was verbally, nonverbally, and physically showing me they were not happy with me.

I woke up feeling like I’d been punched all over during the night.

Last night the last human contact I had was with someone who showed their care for me in acts of service, physical touch, a gift, quality time and words of affirmation. (It just occurred to me that she hit ALL FIVE love languages).

I woke up feeling like absolutely in love with life.

Take aways: 1) I am a wave tossed by the wind and EVERYTHING that happens affects/effects my sleep.

subtle signals, y'all

2) Don’t let the sun go down on your anger. That crap messes with people. As a first-rate perpetrator on this one, I GET that sometimes you are so tired that you CAN NOT talk it out. But you have the living God inside of you giving you strength (or if you don’t, ask him to come teach you to love. Seek and you shall find when you seek him with your whole heart) so take some deep breaths and at collect yourself enough to acknowledge that you are bought and paid for. You are irrevocably  loved beyond all reason. And you have been FREELY and ABUNDANTLY forgiven so even if you don’t feel like it, dwell on those things. And in a spirit of humilty, even if you still can’t talk it out, acknowledge the other person’s humanity. Remember that they are lovely and loveable because God has loved them. Remember that you are looking in the eyes (or maybe avoiding eye contact) with someone who was created on purpose to love and be loved. And even if only for a moment, act like a person who has been given every gift in the world and has nothing to gain, nothing to lose, and nothing to prove. (cause if you’re in Christ, it’s true.)

i think i would like this book

3) i LOVE good sleep!!


Questions? comments? Snide remarks?


Until then, take care of each other. And yourselves. ;)


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