Flying Unicorn Dog

Oh, hey blog.

I know, i ignored you a bit last week. i’m so sorry, blog. It’s just these two syllables were screaming in my ears.

mid. terms.  (andboydrama)

the parenthetical reference doesn’t count in the syllables because I mashed it together and put it in parenthesis and because I’m just whetting your appetite for the hilarity that I’ll tell you some day because, let’s face it: Romantic interactions are one big comedy waiting to happen. (Don’t worry, there’s still nothing to tell. Even less nothing than last week’s nothing, but not like the nothing on Never Ending Story. ::shudder::

(unrelated video representation of nostalgies. it’s rainy today)

anywhosits, I have a proposition for you: you badger, nag, encourage/remind me to tell you the following stories, and I’ll do my dangdest:

how I heard an intruder enter my house while i showered

the time i was stripped of my defenses…and one glove

the most spectacularly confusing crash-n-burn date that didn’t happen

wearing teenager’s clothes

not wanting to die/it wont always be this way

crawling in broken glass at office depot

and writing my own eulogy.

I promise that NONE of this is a cry for help, it’s all quite cute, funny, or insightful (she humbly says of her own thoughts) and that reminds me of another story:

how biblical community sometimes means people know when you’ll say you need help…and that sometimes you aren’t answering the phone NOT because you’re tortured in pain….but because you are asleep. ;)

so much to catch you up on but for now I’m just going to leave you with this:

THIS is what i'm responsible for keeping alive until my roommate returns from Africa.


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