Wearing Teenager’s Clothes

Okay, I don’t know if this will resonnate with ANYONE but I have this dress that I have kept for one reason and one reason only: My mom gets all misty-eyed and happy when she sees it. She ADORES this dress. And specifically me in it. The problem is it’s a size much-smaller-than me and the last time I fit in it I was 16 years old. There is literally NO give to the dang thing. The last time I tried it on, a few years ago, my grandmother, a woman who could fit a hog into minidress out of sheer determination, said, “I’m sorry mi’ja. I can’t zip it. I’m afraid it will rip.”

Enbedee, right? I was fine with me, even if “me” couldn’t wear the dress. I didn’t even really like the dress, even when I could wear it, I just wore it ONCE cause mom reallyreallyreally wanted me to (and maybe I kind sorta struggle with people pleasing. whatever). But I couldn’t just get rid of it because OHMYGOSHWHATWOULDMAMASAY?! Was there a good reason she could think of to keep it? Yes.

“It’s so pretty, Maritza.” Yes, that’s a “good” reason in her eyes.

Anyway, I should mention there is this other dress that I’ve had since high school too. But when I “outgrew” it (when I started eating again) mama lost half her body size and then she fit in it! So she stole it from me. No really, she took it from my closet. I was actually keeping it because I liked it. i was never going to wear it again but hey, it was super cute! (I guess that’s a good reason to me, too). I didn’t know she took it until I saw her wearing it one day. (Real stealth, ma.)

Anyway, I told you I was wearing teenager’s clothes this week. And I was. Just…the teenage version of me.

::DISCLAIMER:: DONT MAKE FUN OF MY FACE. I know I’m ridiculous I just don’t know what else to do!!

Here’s the first, the mamadress. The photo is less-than-ideal but i was only snapping a shot to show her I’d randomly tried it on and it fit.

that top is velvety and FITTED

ignore my hair too. we're concentrating on clothes. (can you tell im self-conscious?)

and here is the dress I wanted.


yeah, i was REALLY excited that this fit. Not because it's from when I was smaller but because I just REALLY like this dress!

andplusalsotoo my hair looks like this sometimes. like once every two weeks.

However, I do have clothes from when mama was a teenager and you know what? I think i’d have to lose some vital organs before I ever fit into those suckas.


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