God-is-Good (pizzookies)

A few weeks ago, my friend the songbird invited me to her “Taste and See that the Lord is Good” celebration. The night before her half-marathon run, she wanted to gather her friends around and celebrate by telling the story of what great lengths God has gone to in her healing. From days when she literally couldn’t get out of bed to getting out of bed to run 13(point 1!) miles, and being excited about (and good at) it, she has seen God love her and bring her far.

yeah, she can run that far AND she's a flaming hottie. whatevs.

I owe a lot in life to this lady. Specifically, it was through her own health issues that I discovered I am gluten intolerant (when i eat gluten, i get sick. food poisoning style sick). It was by her generosity that I lived May-August of last year and let me tell you, between my dude drama and complete inability to NOT fight with her fiance (now husband, who i interact with as though he were my bother, except i dont fight with bubby).

So basically, songbird is a great representation of Jesus. By his grace, she shines forth his love.

ANDPLUSALSOTOO, we were at BJ’s restaurant, an ill-named place with an ill theme, but THEY HAVE GLUTEN FREE PIZZA that tastes like pizza (as opposed to cardboard) AND they have pizzokies. Wanna see a pizzookie?

and now you want to eat one. yes. i know.

God is good.

Songbird is lovely and i love her.

Pizzookies remind me of both of these things. :)


2 thoughts on “God-is-Good (pizzookies)

  1. Ritz,
    This is Michelle’s mom (Martha Peters) and I just had reply and let you know I truly enjoy your writing. You young lady truly have a talent. I do hope you continue this. It reminds me of Michelle when she used to write a blog (or whatever ya’ll call it). I know you miss “our Michelle” so veery much and hopefully she will have time to actually sit and skype with you. She is a busy busy person. Annnywaaays….hope you don’t think I’m weird doing this. Some kids (as I call youngun’s in their 20’s ) would think I am. LOL

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