At My Desk, Weeping. Thx, Fair Trade.

First of all, if this post is weird, I’d like to blame it on wordpress. They Revamped and I may go crosseyed from the new look. 


Moving on, I just wanted to let you know that even though I should be doing homework, instead I’m sitting at my desk, crying like a baby, moved over the brokenness of man and the Hope we have in Jesus. 



Cause I have the great privilege of serving with people who make it possible to responsibly steward your resources and make some change for good with your Christmas shopping and time. 

If you’re interested in a Christmas morning with (possibly fewer) gifts that each show you the good you were a part of, you can check out the list Jamie Ivey compiled here, or try Kristen Howerton’s version here. 


Honestly, I am having to swallow a lot of pride this year because I don’t have the resources to buy almost ANY presents. Luckily, the truth is that the people around me don’t need anything, and love me and don’t care if I don’t buy them things. But I still wanted to buy a cow for my compassion kids. Call me crazy but they’re MY KIDS, y’all! So anyway, even though all my gifts will be homemade, re-purposed (i really can make cool stuff out of goodwill finds), or service (free childcare is gold), I made a commitment last night to at least one way that I will be fair trade. 


I am committing to not buy makeup unless it is fair trade. Makeup is something I already buy, I’m just committing to buying it better. 


I know. I know y’all. I LIKE makeup. Sephora is a happy, happy place for me. But dollar-for-dollar, I could be fighting human trafficking. And I’m not. Why? Why am I acting like the people who COULD be helped with my resources aren’t worth it? Exactly. 

Anyway, I don’t actually spend much on make up. Contrary to popular belief, I only use three our four products, if that, daily. 

powder (bronzer, cause they don’t make power in my color)





And last night, I dropped and broke my powder. It’s NOT THAT BIG A DEAL but I thought “Dang, how am i going to afford new that?” and quickly wondered if Sephora had any sales going on. I’m sure they do. But I just-as-quickly remembered that my friend, Nicole, just started her own makeup line


Yeah, i know, my friends are ridic-u-cool. Not only that, HER COMPANY FIGHTS HUMAN TRAFFICKING.  


So once budget rolls back around, instead of spending $15 at sephora, where not a dang thing goes to a “good cause” I’m going to spend $16 at Nicole’s shop, where I know the products are made fairly and AT MINIMUM 20% of profits goes to help fight for human rights. Until then I may just look a little oily sometimes. Whatevs. ;) 


Would you be willing to switch up your go-to products to ensure that your money is being stewarded well?


What are some ways that you are ALREADY SPENDING that you could curb, to spend better?


Is there anything you just don’t need? How could that money do better things?


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