She Didn’t Call

And though I thought of trying to find the funeral information online, i didn’t. I figured a mother who’d just lost her only daughter and was too fraught to call a stranger was probably not someone who needed one extra body at her daughter’s memorial…..


but now I don’t know.


I was so surprised by the responses i got to my last post. I loved and appreciated them all, I just didn’t expect them. I saw my actions as sadly sub-par, thought how much I wish I could have done better. But y’all were encouraging.


I had a pretty packed weekend, and was away from technology since Friday evening, so this morning was the first time I really had moments to process what had happened.

Maybe I read too much, get too caught up in the world of what-if’s and writing (I’m often writing stories in my head) but I somehow felt like it maybe wasn’t real. You know, you ever have those “did that really happen, or did I dream it?” moments? Except delayed by days due to finals and celebrations and service and singing and honestly, just needing some dang sleep. So this morning I googled her. Like that would make it real. I took the few pieces I knew, Agnes’ name, the day her daughter had passed, that she worked at ACC,

it was eerily easy to find. Two google searches later I found this, her obituary. She has daughters, one about my age, one about my brother’s. Angnes (Aghdas, actually) is a widow. And I feel like a voyeur for even knowing this information.


Yeah, I want her to call too.


One thought on “She Didn’t Call

  1. Well sweetheart ,as I expected,your compassion is wonderful.I’m sorry she didn’t get to call you and yes I’m sure she was probably caught up in the greiveing process.Heres to you Angel,I love you.

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