Before 2012: learn to cook

::found this old draft. never going to finish so just going to publish. tres liberating! also, even though I set this goal back in the summer, i’ve stuck to it, mostly, and as a result have cut down on my food spending (the plan helps) and feel generally much healthier::


I have set the goal of learning to feed myself. Which may sound ridiculous but duh, have you ever heard me talk? andplusalsotoo, i literally never ventured into a kitchen on my own until I was 23 and even then, I would call “cooking” a very generous term for what I did. Also, I’m lactose and gluten intolerant. So, it’s lofty-ish, even for an educated gal such as m’self.

I haven't accidentally set off any fire alarms in at least 6 months. this is how we measure progress.

So far, so mixed.

I can make really nice tasting chicken salad, i know how to cook chicken on the george forman grill (dont laugh, i had to google “how to bake chicken” to use the oven) I’m an expert on gluten free pancakes but I’ve yet to brave into the world of spring rolls (even though I bought all the ingredients and I really really want to make them….they just look like a LOT of work).

And today I made a stew! I can’t be too proud since I essentially copied the recipe my freinds used on monday, but I did use up a lot of going-to-go-bad-if-i-dont-use-them veggies and it was LE YUMM-O. (okay, i think i boiled the meat to quickly but i girl’s gotta appreciate what she’s given).

I’m also getting microscopically better about buying produce based on sales ads (and I even go to the mexican supermercado which feels like cheating on HEB but you can’t beat avocados 6/$1 right now!)



and that’s as far as I got. also on the “health” blog posts, I spent 100 miles on the elliptical last month. topping my previous “most miles in a month” by at least 80 miles. Just got in the groove and only took 1 day off/week, except last week, when I took 3, because I couldn’t sleep/the cold sneak attacked me. anybody else make any health changes lately?


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