When The Gospel seems Lame

Notice I said “seems,” no “is,” because the Gospel is never lame. But a lot of times I think about it like it is.


Like when I get the funks. I’ve had a funky few days. Enbeedee, everyone has them. In fact I think my funky days are probably most people’s “regular” days because when I say funk, I mean I’m just not looking at the world in amazement and wonder due to the love of the Lord resting in my heart. I’m not laughing all the time. I’m just…here. Not sad, just not how/who I usually am. ANYway, I was just having the following conversation:

“So you’re done with finals?”
“Yeah, but the last one KILLED me so it’s hard for me to get over that.”
“Oh, that is bad.”
“Yeah I’m just…I’m just….Actually, God is good and he is loves me and that means my life is good, I just feel weird and so I’m looking at the world through that, rather than looking at the world through the lens of the Gospel. So I’m going to go get come coffee, come back, and do that.”


And just like it probably sounded to you when you read it, IT SOUNDED SO CORNY TO SAY THAT OUT LOUD. even for me, one of the least of the cynics, I just thought,  “Trite and Kitschy, party of one!”


And it’s that kind of thinking that maintains the funk. Cause you know what? That’s pride. That’s saying “i know something better than that Gospel, something more effective, something “cooler” and of more value. Because if, in my heart and mind, I valued the MOST of all the true story that perfect love lived and died and came back FOR ME, when I was absolutely unloveable of my own accord, then I wouldn’t feel embarassed or have to “admit” that it was the truth, I’d cling to it and sing it out with a  passionate voice.

This is a really mixed message. Because look at that beard. THAT BEARD IS NOT LAME.

And sometimes, by God’s grace, I do live that out, but I just hadn’t been for a bit, and I was wondering:

does the Gospel ever seem lame to you? what do you do about it? Are you living as though the Gospel is some embarrassing part of life, like the creepy uncle you see at holidays or the sweater you only wear because your mom gave it to you? What are the parts of your life that, if not in words, in attitude or action, say you don’t really dig the Gospel?


One thought on “When The Gospel seems Lame

  1. I want to say that their isn’t a part of my life like that,or at least I hope their isn’t.If you see a part of my life that appears as such,please tell me about it.

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