She Called me Schemey

That’s her new petname for me: Schemey.


Her being a friend, who, for the sake of her not killing me for outing her on the interweb  anonymity, shall remain even nickname-less. She likes this dude and i know this dude and I’m so “Oh-my-gosh-i-cant-even-describe” exhausted from my own personal romantic life that, yes, I’m getting schemey. (And before you try to figure out who I’m talking about, I’ve got too many friends and dudes for you to try, so: don’t.)

I mean, if by schemey you mean basically walking up to a dude friend and being like “Hey, dudefriend, whatsupwithyouandlachica? You got a thing for her? You want to have one? Eh? Eh?!”

Okay I’m not THAT obvi. Maybe. Hard to say.


Anyway, mostly what I mean is that romance is in the air, people:  We’ve gone into full-blown almost-wedding planning mode at casa de la “my roommate is almost engaged but she isn’t yet but yes, she knows it’s coming.” Including the fact that my closet is now where other people’s wedding dresses come to live. Yes. Multiple. No, i will not explain how a woman without an engagement ring has more than one wedding dress except to say that

a) she’s frugal and her wedding dresses prob cost less than your last pair of shoes and

b) I’m TOTES on board or else I wouldn’t be blogging about it.


BUT I still think it’s funny that I, a woman who would find it tough to be MORE single, has more-than-one wedding dress in my closet.


So, there is the nearly-engaged roommate and the likes-a-dude friend and plus also too a seester who is starting to see the world through “I could possibly one day be in love and i like that idea” colored glasses. Which, she’s almost 18 so how did she make it this long? Superparents. And God’s grace. And she’s devastatingly beautiful and I think that intimidates dudes so she hasn’t spent much time knowing how frequently dudes are probs falling over them selves because of her.


I talked to an ex i wasn’t sure I’d ever talk to a few days ago. Yeah, we just talked like old friends. I blinked and then it was anhourandahalf later. It was fantastic. and my heart? Well I’m too tired for it to be anything other than fine. Sometimes exhaustion really works on my side. Duh, cause God said all things work for the good of his people. And as crazytown population of me as it sounds:

I’m God’s peeps. (ignore subject verb disagreement, y’all. it’s a statement. Roll with it)


Despite the fog, romance is all around.

Despite the everything, I still love love.



Also, if you need it, I’ll totes be schemey for you because why? Because as Paigey-love said on Sunday “I like being in your emotional sandbox. It’s more fun than being in my own.”




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