Ode to the Dancer

A pastor I know often says that we should seek to be a church that, if we were to suddenly be gone, the city would be at a loss. We should seek to be that involved, to do that much good, to love that much mercy, and to walk that humbly with our God.


Not a lot of people get to know it, but the Dancer is that kind of a person. If she were gone, there are men, women, and children who would not be cared for, fought for, protected or loved. Even when it hurts her heart and makes her soul cry out, she fights for the nameless, faceless many who have no one else to fight for them.


And I love her. And I’m so glad God gave her to the world, to me. And I’m inspired, and awed, as I remember the Christ who came to set such an example, without whom darkness would reign.


“Let your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”


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