Being Thumper

Remember how Thumper’s dad used to tell him if he didn’t have something nice to say, he shouldn’t say anything at all?


Well it’s not that I don’t have anything nice to say,

it’s just that I’ve been spending so much time doing so many things that are NOT blog writing, and that’s what I’m really in the mood for right now. I haven’t even really been taking photos to share. All of my current adventures are going undocumented save the smiles in my heart….or the complete restlessness of my nights.


But here are some old photies because the blogs i like to read, even when they go silent for a while, still entertain me with random photos. So here you are:

style experimenting: i wanted a crown-bump ponytail (which I now have a new method, thanks to Faith the hairdresser) and if you look really close, you can see my white fingernails. which I loved. remember painting your nails with white out in Jr high?

What happens when I try to get ready for a wedding without realizing that my dresses don't fit anymore.

Sidebar: I have some cute, some ridiculous, some quirky size 10-12 party ish dresses that could use a good home if anyone with matching style would like them (for free, yo.)

I wish I had a picture of myself in my friend Nicole’s dress for the staff Christmas party. I was going for sophisticated, but three people called me sexy so I put on my glasses (yes, for the sake of fashion I was going to go cross eyed and get a headache because THE DRESS WAS SO CUTE!), put my hair in a pony (still cute, but not the flowing locks I originally intended) and covered my top half with a cute cardi. I am all about channeling the adjectives you want to put across when accessorizing/styling a piece. I also can’t believe I actually thought AND typed that sentence. When did I become this woman, who puts this much thought into the way things look?

catalina and figgy (short for figment), two of the dragons la familia brought home from Medieval Times. Mine is figgy, the periwinkle one.

Yes. i do actually sleep better with a lovie. Or a person. But only one of those is a viable options. (buhdumcha)

got my rx sunnies (for $15! yay and felt like sarah connor, minus the whole "saving the world from evil robots" part


baby squeezie grew hair and is now not-that-into-me. boooo.

"tia, i put my shoes by yours, okay?" as much as i love my platform stillettoes, babygirl's light-up boots win :)

this photo is to illustrate the beauty of the Brooklyn high bun. I work out with my hair up in a bun and only wash it every few days. This pic is third or fourth day hair. God's grace is evident in hairspray, y'all.


one comment inspired them to make these very opposite responses. i forget what the comment was. we should have a caption contest!


That’s about all I have to give right now. So finally, I’d love to stay, but I really….




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