Brain Belch

A verbal vomiting of a few rambly thoughts that may but probably will not ever turn into cohesive theses.

If I’m going to tout the virtues of things being “worth it,” i need to also admit that I make some decisions that just AREN’T. #notworthit

As much as I love the sound, I don’t love the feeling of being a walking Civil Wars song.

Pouring coffee from my new french press (a gift from the Dancer) makes me feel more together, more right. I think it’s because the only other time I used a french press was this time a year ago, in Uganda.

I think it’s possible that in a situation, the only viable options are silence or lies. It breaks my feelings, but we live in a broken world.

Awkward and aware.

“Our love goes on as our hair grows long.”

“Nah, Curtis don’t bother me none. He jumps on me but he’s itty-bitty.”

I read a lot.

Ya know what’ll jack you up more than hearing the one you love play a love song they wrote…for someone else? Me neither.

I’m never going to get the lyrics to that song. GAH!

The necklace broke again. I’m SO GOOD at paying attention to signs. As long as they affirm what I already want to believe.

I’m ready for red to be my favorite color again. It isn’t, but that would be nice. :)

“I want tia to be with us always.” Is one of my favorite things to hear.

Am I going to pass my comps? I want to quit school. I mean, only for like this 5 minutes and there isn’t anything wrong, but sometimes it’s just good to be able to say things like “i want to quit school.” Sometimes if you can’t just say you want to do something, you’re far more likely to do it.

Amelie Fisher’s new book, Callum and Harper, is beautiful and funny and I read the whole thing yesterday. You should get it. It’s only 2.99 anyway. But Lord almighty, the violence (not a huge part of the book but what sticks out to me) gets to me. Thx Jill, for telling me never to read the Hunger Games.

“One day, you and I are gonna’ wake up and be alright. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day. One day. I promise you.” – Callum Tate

I don’t need to ask to know. I know. And I’m not even sure if you know, ya know? No, you don’t know. Whatever.

I’m the part of the DISC that goes really fast.

Add Barcelona to your playlist.

Oy with the friends who are gracious beyond what I can understand.

Dunderstand. BWaahaha.

“To be hugged, to be kissed, to be thought of and be missed.”


You already said that. “YOU TALK TO MUCH.” “It was about a female.” “It was about wire cutters!”

Because a lady wouldn’t ask, and a gentlemen wouldn’t make her. Since there are none of those here, though….


I want to play my guitar.

Squeezie says she’s not that into pants. Oh, Tia understands, baby. Tia UNDERSTANDS.

This is not supposed to be cryptic.

My jacked up knee got fixed.

I like pilates.

I have no biceps. There is flesh there, oh is there flesh! But it’s n.o.t. muscle.

The last time I cried was at Beauty and the Beast.

I haven’t been reading my Bible. So I’m starving.

I’m in a good mood, so she tells me about her plastic surgery. God, i love her.

God, I love you.

I love you, too.


What? I’ll totes be schemey for that! When did this turn into a thing? Why didn’t you tell me. DUH, I HAVE CONNECTIONS TO THE INSIDE!!

My new rainboots are like my favorite song.

To touch someone because you love them is beautiful. to touch someone because you feel sorry for them, out of pity and not compassion, miiiiiiight make them want to vomit. Maybe. if they can feel it. Not that people can ever feel what you feel.

FIREFLY IS ON NETFLIX. I really should write more about Dr. Simon Tam.


I wish you were cleanshaven. 

That bolded on it’s own. SIGN!

that being said, neverunderestimatethebeard.

Send me on my way.


the fact that that won’t imbed just caused me 15 minutes of squeezie whining.



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