Junk Food and Poison

storytelling. over heard: a conversation between two friends. 

“You can’t just date her because she’s AROUND, dude.”

“I’m lonely.”

“I get that. And I get why. You’re not meant to be alone, but she’s not the one and you know it,  and dating her isn’t a very manly thing to do.” His eyes narrowed and shoulders sharpened. Dangit, I hadn’t meant to go there. But I couldn’t very well backpedal from the truth. Maybe I should come at it from another angle.

“It’s just not an accurate representation of who you are in Christ or her worth. You’re better than this. You’re stronger and wiser and more worthy- you’re an ambassador of Christ. And dating her, stringing her along, just to satisfy something in you is not painting an accurate picture of  Him or satisfaction in and obedience to Him. I know it’s hard, it’s not going to be easier…ever, maybe, but you know this is not right.”

“Yeah. I do know,” he replies harshly, his frustration toward the situation, not toward me. “But I don’t know what else to do. It’s nice, to have someone, to be admired, to…I mean, she’s attractive and she’s attracted to me.I’m sure she’s enjoying herself.”

“And those are great things to feel, I know. There’s nothing wrong or ugly or weak or broken or bad about wanting to feel that way. Do you know that, that it’s okay to want all of that?”

He deflects “Maybe I can just stop dating her, not have to explain things. Maybe I can just  kinda get more interested in other things. That would save her the hurt feelings, right?”

“I think it would more save you the hassle of admitting what you’ve done. Yeah, you could do that. But I think you’d be missing an opportunity to be authentic.”

“Ugh. It’s not that I don’t like her. It’s just I know I only like her for right now-”

“Until someone better comes along.”

“Yeah. Well, or at least just because I don’t want to deal with feeling alone.”

“Either way, dating her isn’t the way to fix those things. It’s like being hungry and eating poison just because it’s there. You may not be hungry anymore, but it will kill you.”

“Uhm, I think she’s more like junk food.”

“How much junk food do you have to eat before it poisons you?”


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