I’m sitting with three boys (uh, make that two little men and one small, banana-eating kangaroo) who are totally absorbed in a Pokemon movie. Said animated monstrosity (okay, it is a little cute. that pikachu! can’t resist) is keeping me from studying so instead, I BLOG!



What is: The number of miles I worked on the elliptical today. What the heck? Who is this woman? My only resolution for this year involved working out which i’ll maybe talk about later but 10 miles is INSANE for me and I’m so grateful I’ve gotten to this point considering that not too long ago, 3 miles used to leave me exhausted.

workout face. this is an old pic because now I only work out in my lennon glasses. Cause those toroise shells slip RIGHT OFF MA FACE every 5 secs on the elliptical. i thought i was going to get a rash.


What is: one of the kids I’m watching dressed as? Yes, he’s in a kangaroo costume. And yes, he has a stuffed joey in his marsupial pouch. And yes, something else was in there but he just ate it. (I’m trying to not think about it).



What is: my favorite new expressive word? Blick! Coined by (or at least gotten from) Fabienne over at whose name I LURVE. And for that matter:

those are my lennon glasses, and the bling I'll be faking rocking (frocking?) tomorrow while I'm extravaganzing


What is: the name that people say instead  of Maritza that drives me irrationally batty and is why I started going by “Ritz” back in 7th grade.



What is: The surprise dinner I got from the family whose house I’m at. Incidentally, not only was I NOT anticipated dinner, but good GF pizza (with or without cheese) is few and far between. This is the best I’ve ever had and pizza is one of my very favorite foods. (Yeah, how lame is that? Classy she ain’t but she knows what she likes. And speaks in the third person.)



What is: the character I’m playing tomorrow for some informal invisible theatre/social experimentation at the bridal extravaganza with the Dancer tomorrow. (No, she’s still not offish engaged. I hear it’s coming before but not on Valentine’s because according to her “What if he does it on Valentine’s?” “I’LL KILL HIM.”) How, on the inside, do I justify faking I’m a bride? IM PART OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST, YO! And when’s the date? No one knows the hour or the day, fool! But according to the stories, I will be wearing white cause He presents me clean and spotless. (those are all biblical references) Andplusalsotoo, I would just like to restate that I am very very very single because i swear, you hug ONE man in a picture on facebook and rumors.get.started. ;)

not the rumor-starter, but a fun one I won't be putting on the facebook because of similar effects. i feel like the blog is safer. a LITTLE.


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