Woooops! that engagement post wasn’t supposed to publish for a while. (Although THANKS to the kind stranger who posted an amazing reply to my question.)


le dagnabbit, now I should clarify, cause I already had one person confirm that they were thinking it:


That post was NOT about the Dancer.

But she did get engaged last night. Her dude did a whammy of a good job. Also she’s got hecka-bling on that finger.

via the sweet gift of http://www.phillipglickman.com/ 's surprise event photography.

See? photographic evidence. Also I didn’t mean for my fingers to be yellow OR to look like I have an extra finger. (check it. for srsly, right?)

So: I have no opinion on what kind of proposal is the “right” kind (although I still really want to hear y’alls opinions). But Dancer & Dude’s was amazing.


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