Today, I will talk to my belle.


I’m really excited about it. Like, crazed muppet face excited.

(Just for you, belle)

But, she DOES read this blog so, please leave comments about how much you love her. Thatsisall


One thought on “Belleday

  1. In lue of writing about how much I love myself (which I will spare all of you from) I will write about how much I love Marrritzaaa and her AWESOME blog!

    I read this thing like a David Sedaris book FOR REAL!!! I can go back, read and reread blogs and it puts a smile on my face and some optimism in my heart! I love her blogs because it makes me feel as if we’re back in her wonderfully colorful home drinking wine and gabbing about our lives.

    That is all, i love this lady and CANNOT WAIT to give her a huge hug when I get home this summer…I don’t know the EXACT date yet…but i have a super rough idea and the count down widget is firmly in place on my dashboard…right next to my humungous “to do” list…oy ve there is a lot.

    Mkay…this is REALLY all…adios

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