I’m Okay With How Cold It Is

Today I’m counting the blessing that I really am okay with how cold it is. Even though the low for today is 25° F, according to my phone.


I have been a BRAT about the cold for so long. And truly, I think I am just geared for warm. I can take the over 100’s of summer like a champ and never, ever complain. But the cold makes me sick. How some people get heat stroke and vomit and feel weak? That’s how I get with the cold. (And, FTR, by cold i mean anything under 70 degrees, probably.)

But this autumn I decided I wanted to not hate the cold or the winter. I wanted to appreciate every season because all the seasons are a gift. And I prayed and still pray for the strength to basically suck it up and appreciate (not hate with a burning passion) the cold. Plus I wear a lot of layers and do more laundry etc etc but I want to not complain about all that either because like I said, EVERY SEASON IS A GIFT and even this is for my good. So rather than fight it, I’m trying to enjoy it.


Anyway, by God’s sweet grace and blessings, I’m okay with how cold it is today.


Are there any things you’ve just been against that maybe you need to make friends with? Any circumstances you’re fighting that you need to make peace with? Any complaining you need to stop?


4 thoughts on “I’m Okay With How Cold It Is

  1. I hate the cold. it’s useless. Sure it’s a gift, so I appreciate it for what it is and what it does, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it, and by golly I won’t!

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