I Have My Peeps

Which, can we real-talk for a minute? I know I sound stupid sometimes when I blog. I use silly words and I totes abbreve things that totes dont need to be abbreeved because as much as I love vocabulary, I also love silly. IRL (in real life) I talk this way, but I also use words that no one else (usually) uses, but that are words and I love them because they are the most accurate description of what I’m trying to communicate (like idiosyncratic, apotropaic, hemogeneity), but I don’t use those words as much on the blog.

food shouldn't be neon. but they're so cute!

Anyway, when I say “I have my peeps,” i realize that it’s silly and PROBS, no one in even 5 years will even understand or they will think, “This chick is three brick short of a barrel,” and I’ll say, “You’re right, I don’t always properly use idioms.” :) And smile because, when I blog, I try to write exactly as I think. And that is a funny if somewhat (always?) confusing way.

So. I have my peeps.

the interweb is RIFE with peep gangsta jokes.

And what I mean about that is I am feeling SO appreciative for the people in my life. I originally started to write a post about how working out and eating better is going, and I realized that some people might be concerned because, as I’ve openly talked about, for many years I struggled with disordered eating and distorted self-image. And sometimes changes and goals related to “health” can be a masked dive back into murky waters for people who have had these struggles. So i thought, “Oh dang, I’ll have to specify that this is not a cry for help.”

But I didn’t want to indicate that I no longer cry out for help.

Let me tell you, pplfriends, healing from certain issues and periods of success over struggles doesn’t make me perfect: it makes me aware of and better able to fight those struggles and issues.

So it is NOT that I “dont cry out for help” and definitely NOT that I don’t need to.

It’s that now, I know how.

Cause…. I have my peeps.

lolcats. can't stop, won't stop.

I know who to call or text or email and when, and I do.

When I’m tempted to not eat.

When I’m tempted to believe the lies of the enemy.

When I don’t want to obey the Lord.

When I don’t want to do things my own way, to get the results I want.

WHEN  I am hurt, confused, depressed, out of sorts, unsure, lonely, or scared. I cry out for help.

And WHEN I don’t have the strength on my own to cry out to the Healer, I call my peeps, who intercede on my behalf.

When I can’t walk to calvary, they carry me.

When I can’t turn my eyes to the heavens, they lift up my head.

When I won’t acknowledge my sin for what it is, they graciously hold it up in front of my face.

artistic/self expression is NOT inherently a cry for help. but i still think it's funny.

So while I WON’T (God willing) ever do it via social media (because in my opinion it’s not an effective avenue for true healing with struggles like that, but rather a great place to dialogue once I’ve gotten things a little more stable), I absolutely DO cry out for help.

And I have my peeps. And they answer my cries.


3 thoughts on “I Have My Peeps

  1. Thanks for this honest post! I can practically hear you say the words as I read them. I’m familiar with the same struggles, but isn’t it amazing how God heals us through the love of his people? I’m so thankful that you (and I) have those people to lean on like a strong foundation.

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