Everything Is Cliche (I’m writing a Book)

Y’all, i’m writing a novel.

I have 22 pages of text. Of like, what should be about 350, a number I’m pulling from nowhere.

It’s a story i’ve thought about for years, since I got back from the job in Zambia I thought I’d have forever.

It’s about how hard it would be to find God here on earth, if all you ever knew about him was from knowing him in heaven.

There is a musician. Of course. ;)

Anyway, I’m telling you to encourage you because one goal I am setting is to finish this dang thing by the end of the year (so, i have 11 months and some change). But i keep stopping because I just think, “It’s all be done before.”

I told my friend Anna, an actual writer, that I was afraid to be cliche. She freed me from that fear.

“Everything’s cliche,” she said, “It’s just about whether or not it’s good.”

I can’t promise it will be good, but at least i know i don’t have to try to be original. :)

Go, do something hard and scary and a little bit stupid. Like write a novel.

love you.



4 thoughts on “Everything Is Cliche (I’m writing a Book)


    I will be first in line demanding a signed copy that will be in a place of prominence in my home for forever!

    You can do it! I believe in you and I believe God wants to use your gifts to tell wonderful stories!

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