Don’t Google Image Search Spider Bites

last night I had SO much trouble sleeping, which was particularly odd because all day I was le tired, y’all. I think i psych myself out that i NEED rest on Monday nights because I have really big days on Tuesday.

psyched out kitty feels me. he must have a busy day as well.

Well anyway, at some point in the night a, uh, let’s call it a blemish (it’s embarassing to blog that I have a pimple, for some reason) formed on my chin. Or, more accurately, under my chin. A REALLY weird place for a blemish. And this is one of those under-the-skin, really tender to the touch kinds.


And I’m SUPER sleepy.


So in my sleepy state, I feel it.

And I am TOTALLY FOR ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that it’s a spider bite

and i’m going to die.


In fact, then I do get to sleep. Where I dream that I have spider bites all over my face and some of them have holes so big that they look like peircings and even in the dream I was like “Why did the spider bite me so many times?! and in a pattern?”


Anyway i woke up and ran to the bathroom because I had to make sure my face wasn’t riddled with spider bite holes.




here, have a unicorn.

this has nothing to do with anything, but it's better than spider bites

The Dancer’s response: “You have AWFUL dreams.”


yeah, but a pretty nice reality. :)


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