Please Excuse Me…

as i fall off the face of the earth for the next week. I do have over 40 written drafts in cue, ready to be published, but I do not have the brain capacity to order and schedule them.


I will try very hard next Monday, or perhaps later this week if I want to run screaming from studying, to get them scheduled and restore some semblance of regularity to ye olde bloggity blog. Or maybe i’ll give belle my password and let her do it. ;)


Anyway, here’s whats going on right now:


I’m studying for comps, my mid-level exams that decide whether or not I may continue with my academic progress and move on to clinicals. The exam is on Saturday morning.

I have a thing. Maybe a nothing thing. We’ll see.

School is gearing up and I may have  a new mentor, which is a story I’ll have to tell you later,

and basically there are SO MANY things happening between now and next Monday, my main focus is to just make it to the next Monday still breathing and in one peice.


Oh yeah, and I ran almost 200 miles in January.




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