photies (yay o nay?)

I vacillate. Obvi. On lots of things. One of them is: pictures of moi on le blog. Because I LOVE when people post pics of themselves (especially for outfit photies) on their blogs,

but I worry that I’ll seem vain (which I should be fine with, since I am a vain sinner, let’s just get that out there, and you probably are too)

or WORSE (this shows you how jacked my heart is) that I’ll post a pic and you’ll think I’m ugly. WHY IS BEING UGLY SUCH A FEAR?! What would it mean if I were ugly? Not a darn thing! And what is ugly, anyway? Far more to do with heart than angles and lighting. The point is, I struggle with posting pics because I struggle with an ugly, sinful heart still in the process of redemption and it’s a delicate line to walk, struggling out loud to share encouragement, but not posting something that would ultimately be misunderstood or convey a bad example.

Cause I am an ambassador of Christ. And the bible doesn’t have exact pointers on Instagram usage.

Ya feel?

Anyway, last night I couldn’t sleep so I played with makeup and hair and my camera phone.

This is what i like to call “Sharing the sleepy am photies wherein I forget that I am not 12 and no one likes myspace anymore.” (sorry, JT).

special thx to jenbird for the dress.

this face is why elvis told us that we can't go one living suspicious lives.

my bathroom is where the wild things are

who-oh! found the color settings!

this shot reminds me of nirvana, age 18, and joy's photo projects

i REALLY want bottom braces again. anyone want to pay for them?

i just couldn't keep up the angst! i was trying and ended up catching a photo of me laughing at myself.

and somehow THIS is me "back to normal"

so…how do you feel about pics, specifically self-portraits, on the blog? you’re the reader, you’re the one I care about intaking these things!


2 thoughts on “photies (yay o nay?)

    • OH, Ricky, that’s not what I meant AT ALL!! I just meant that unflattering pictures (of which there are PLENTY) don’t affect my worth! And thank you for the sweet compliment. :)

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