I don’t think I’ve posted about this, but my New Year’s resolution is to log 2012 miles in 2012. On the elliptical. So I’m not “running” (the app I use calls it cross-training) but elliptical-ling is not a word. And when you tell someone you’re running and then explain it’s on an elliptical (not even a treadmill, which EVERYone considers more legitimate) their faces fall. So let me say LOUD AND CLEAR,


como asi


That being said, lookie, lookie, what grace from God that so far, I’ve been able to stay on-goal!

heh. cheeseburgers. yeah, right.


That’s right, In January I ellipticalled more than 200 miles. Spent 34 hours total working out. Did a pretty consistent 10-minute-mile.  One day, when I tried to SUPER push myself, I did 15 miles at one time. It took three hours and I got bored and left.


Weight loss was, I promise, not at all a factor in this goal. I wanted to a)set a goal b)exercise regularly to keep a schedule c) just be healthier and d)expend some of the energy I have so that I can be still at work and in class. I am keeping the pace of the goal, keeping the schedule, I do feel a TON better all the time and yeah, I’m a lot better at being still and concentrating.  And since I know you’re wondering, I’ve lost negative 1.5 pounds. Literally. I gained a pound and a half. (Well, when my mom weighed me at Thanksgiving I weighed 155, and then when my friend weighed me a few weeks ago I was 156.5. So there you go.) I don’t what size I am but I do know that I have slimmed down a bit because most of my clothes are loose.  I’ll talk more later about what sweet encouragement I’ve received, and how I’ve seen cultural standards differently respond to the situation. :)




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