The Break-in

This is from my phone. Cause its been that kind of day. :)

I must apologize, but I don’t have the energy to give details about last night’s break in just now. We lost some things, mostly a sense of security, and I’m praying all of them are supernaturally returned.

We were not home during the break-in and are physically safe and well. We can return, theoretically, as soon as our cars and doors are re-keyed. (Our spare house and car keys were stolen, so the ppl who robbed us have access to our home and cars. In other words, the words of the police, until all locks are changed, we cannot go home.)

Both of us have been back to get whatever of value was not lost and have ppl to stay with. We remain safe and loved.

So many ppl have asked what they can do to help. Thank you. I feel almost ridiculous for saying this, and yet I know the deep desire to do SOMEthing to help the ones you love while they are hurting. So…

Here is what you may do for me if you so desire:

1) feed me. The first thing I let go is always food/sleep. It would take a load off if I didn’t have to worry about spending money or planning meals when I don’t know where ill stay, or for how long, etc. So if anyone wants to give me food/restaurant/coffee gift cards, that would make a huge difference.

2) comfort me. It was not near as rough for me as for my roommate, but this is a tiring process with SO many things to do, seemingly more each time I take care of one. I accept hugs, heating pads,candy, massages, manicures ;) I mean I’m just saying that if you have a hankering to spoil someone, I won’t reject.

3) PRAY. I say this last because I know you want to do something tangible. But once I’m warm and fed and hugged, the fact remains that there are some things that can ONLY be addressed through prayer. Please pray that everything is restored. Our God is a god who redeems and restores. I pray that belongings are found. That we would feel and know our security is in Christ and out of that, we will live as those who see God as bigger than our circumstances. Pray for my relationship with my roommate and best friend, that the trauma does not keep us from still connecting, as trauma can so often do. Pray that our selves and our relationship are RESTORED. And our stuff, too.

I will keep you updated as time inevitably brings more to say. I love you and I am overwhelmed by all.the texts/emails/calls/hugs/love.



4 thoughts on “The Break-in

  1. Ritz, First let me say how happy I am that you and your roomate are okay? Thank God, which I know you are that no one was home at the time of all this.
    We’d like to send you something to help you out though not sure where to send it to. If mailing is okay please send us your address. You may text it to us as well.
    Of course we are praying for you and your roomates. This will pass and I know you are a very STRONG WOMAN and will move on.

    • Thank you so much! I am replying in a facebook message (we’re so silly the way we communicate in all these different media). I am really so overwhelmed by all this love and support. I think this is the number one way God is ministering to me in all of this – showing me how much he loves me through the love of others. It’s continuing to BLOW ME AWAY! Love y’all and thanks again.

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