What The Morning Brings

You’re cute. You’re too sweet. I am so undeserving of this love and caring but by God’s grace, I am surrounded by it. I woke up this morning feeling a LOT better about this whole thing, no doubt aided by the fact that I finally slept (I hadn’t, much, since the break-in Tuesday Night) and I was inundated with care and love.

In tangiblies (tangible changes), my car was rekeyed. It took for-ev-er to explain to the techs that I didn’t need a spare key, I needed two new keys that work for my car, and i need the old keys and clickers to NOT work (they say clicker too, isn’t that cute?). But they did eventually understand (cause I think mine was a very unique circumstance) and fixed it. Once they understood the situation they were SO kind and caring.

The car thing was my number one concern and the first thing taken care of, as I woke up yesterday to a call from my mom saying, “I told Art about what happened. He’s going to take care of your car.” It cost $90 (which he wouldn’t let me pay) and took an hour. Connections, people. Unfortunately, my roommate got a quote of $1500 for her car. Let’s pray for a better connection for her, too! (Unfortch, Art had friends at Nissan, not Toyota.)

The back door (how they got in) has been completely replaced and reinforced.

The front door locks have been replaced. Ish. The replacement had something wrong that I don’t understand but my landlord is fixing.

For good measure, we’re putting extra locks on all the windows. (Since we know no window is safe ;)

A security system is installed in the house, we’ve just been fighting the company to get it reset. That has, of course, become a higher priority. Also, the landlord is installing a motion-sensor light in the back yard.  Allen and Julie Weeks are fantastic, y’all. Allen has been on the phone with the police and talking to people in the neighborhood. I feel like I have a dad in him, making sure it’s all getting taken care of. They feel like they have been violated, too.

So….. I should be “able” to move back tonight.

But since I’m in class till 9:30 pm, and I don’t want my first return to be in the dark, I don’t think I’ll go back until tomorrow.

I have to return sometime. It’s my home. I have to look for a job and study and just continue with life. So I have to go back.

Today, since there are more repairs going on (the molding around the new back door, etc) I am using that as an excuse. But really, I am somewhat eager to return.

Like i said, it’s my home. I painted and arranged and decorated and my bed is really comfy. And I need to clean what they threw around in my closet (rude.)  because yes, even knowing that my closet is messy right now is tugging on my brain.

So, I just wanted to let you all know where I am.

And….if anyone has connections to a hypo allergenic (roommmate is allergic to dogs) puppy… let me know. I would really like to get a dog (preferably one that gets kind of big). No, i can’t afford it and no, it’s not the most well-thought-out decision ever, but I want one.


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