WIW: Comps

Jamie, the blogger from “With Love, Jamie,” does these posts all the time, the “What I wore,” posts. And i love them! I love how she finds enjoyment in the things all around her. I also enjoy “what i wore” posts from anyone because i really just do like clothes and figuring out fun new ways to wear old things (or, right now, how to make things fit while my body is changing).

So here is my first real, official, “what I wore” post.

It’s what I wore to comps.

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Scarf and shirt were hand-me-downs from Jenbird, who loves me. (and whose birthday it was!)

The hair, a brooklyn high bun with elastic headband were courtesy of not having washed my hair in four days (shhhhh!)

I wore my “i actually have a bottom” jeans and skull rainboots cause the heavens were crying out in pain. Or anticipation. Acutally I didn’t ask them why, but they were crying that morning.

And I would have worn my Lennon glasses but they were broken, so I wore these brown tortoise shell secretary/hipster specs, which slide down my nose. Never again. :)


2 thoughts on “WIW: Comps

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  2. You looked WAY nicer for your comps than I did. I was in a t-shirt and jeans at best. And incredibly tired from a study session + the movie Animal House & wine with my study buddy Jeff (whom I greatly miss). There are good memories there that you just took me back to…thanks! And I hope you ROCKED the comps…as I’m sure you did :-*

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