The Good News

Let’s get this out of the way for you Theological Persisters out there:

THE good news is the Gospel.

But I wanted to share some little “g” good news.

1) I am back home, and have been since Friday night. Oh Holy Mother, friends and family have taken such good care of me. I mean, not just “hey you’ll get through this,” but “let me buy you  a new dress.” What? Yes.  I may someday chronicle all that was lost and all the sweet graces that came my way as a result (let me just say that it is not hard to see how this has all been God’s best plan for me) but today is not that day. Forgive me? Thanks. :)

2) uhm, that little test over which I was LOSING MY DANG MIND? Well I have reason to feel pretty good about it.

When I heard said information, I LITERALLY FELL OVER.  Guess my sassy face worked. ;)


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