Love Note: Headband

Today I had one of the worst allergy attacks of my LIFE! Sneezing all the time and how much mucus can one head actually produce? And my throat raw and my head – oiy with the congestion because it hurt to smile and I had a lot to smile about today.

It was about 9pm when I finally realized that. After the beautiful breakfast with my little grasshopper. After the party celebrating that just this week, we got a court date and Lovey will be going back to get her daughter, God is bringing our girl home! After I got to spend time with some kids who are just plain fun, working for a family who loves me and loves me well. After I put said sleepy heads to bed and got to cuddle and read to and pray with them, I was in the kitchen, sipping my tea and hoping (when I should have been praying) that I get over this sooner rather than later, and I blow my nose…

And I think how grateful I am that I have soft tissues. Because I’ve used so many today. And how my nose would be a messy battlefield except that by God’s grace I’ve had only the really soft, especially soothing tissues.

And then I thought how, even if I didn’t, if the WORST thing about my day was that my nose got torn up….

It would have still been such an amazing day.

I’m not grateful enough. Because you can’t ever be grateful enough. This side of glory you’re never going to really get how AMAZING God’s glory is, and how much of a blessing each day is, each breath, each heart beat where He is. I’ll never, no matter how much I try, no matter how much I have to compare my life to, understand the depth of breadth of my blessings.


But I am a blessed girl. I am the little blessed child of the True and Perfect God.


I was meditating on this, and how I had a few new notes from the past few weeks, things encouraging me from the break in and just showing me love, that I needed to tape in my journal. And then I got home and found yet another in my mailbox.


The Jalepeña (a girl I used to work with, a friend, but neither friend nor co worker can sum up the little ball of sunshine that this girl is) stopped by to bring me a gift she made me for Christmas. Its a sweet simple headband, that just-so-happens to be one I’ve been wanting for a year, but never bought, because truth-be-told my head is big and they never quite look right on me. But this one did. So at midnight thirty on a Saturday, I came inside and did a little photo shoot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


All I’m saying is, I’m grateful. I’m spoiled but I’m grateful. And God writes love notes of his grace in all kinds of ways. In ways that hurt, in ways that bruise, in ways that lift up, in poem and prose and sunsets and justice and sometimes….sometimes in days where He tells His story and gets His glory all day long, and then he tops it off with a headband.


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